Android O: What’s New?

With the enhancement in technologies, our beloved Android is also growing up rapidly. Till now not even half of the devices have received Android Nougat Update and Google has released a developer preview of Android 8.0.

But the greatest question is still a mystery, what does O stand for? The most likely answer that is spinning in the social media is Oreo. Leaving behind this question, let’s see what’s new Google has packed in the latest version of Android.

Although it is a developer release it gives a pretty good idea about the latest Android.

So let’s go in deep in Oreo(Hope so)

1)Background Limits: In the current generation, the battery is one of the most concerned topics and smartphone manufacturers are trying to optimise system well and increase battery life. Starting Android Nougat, Google also worked on background limits, helping the user to get a better backup, In Android 8.0, Google has improved this a lot and it limits processes to drain battery unless it is required.

2)Autofill APIs: Everyone has lots of accounts and remembering all the login details is a headache so we are used to using Password Managers. But now Google has planned and optimised this feature in the Android only, making a safer ecosystem for passwords.

The company states. “Android users already depend on a range of password managers to auto-fill login details and repetitive information, which makes setting up new apps or placing transactions easier. Now we’re making this work more easily available across the ecosystem by adding platform support for auto-fill.”

3)Picture in Picture: Google has worked a lot on multitasking to make the user experience easy and enjoyable. With PiP(Picture in Picture) you will be able to watch YouTube videos while working with other apps too. Just open the video and press Home button and the video will pop up on a small screen and you can navigate through other apps at the same time.

4)Smart Text Selection: With the improvements in Google AI, Android O will be smart enough to distinguish between different written text. Like when you select a phone number, it will give the regular options like Cut, Copy and others but with those, a new option will also come, that’s call. Making it easier for the user. If you selected an address, it will give a pop up for directions.

5)Notification Dots: Google is building a new way of showing notifications to the user. The user will see a dot over individual app icons with active notifications. Yow can long press that icon to get the short link to various stuff you can perform with the notifications. This feature will be rolled out soon in developer releases.


Google has got a lot to amaze us and stay tuned with us to know more Android O and all other Tech News.

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