Firefox Hello is based on WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) and allows audio and video streaming without the need of a third-party plugin. While the caller needs to use Firefox to start the conversation, the other person only needs a browser that incorporates WebRTC. Currently the Firefox, Chrome, and Opera browsers support WebRTC with Microsoft is working on adding support for Internet Explorer.



When deciding to do a webinar, or large web conference, one of the first things that needs to be considered is which tool to use. Usually, price is a huge consideration, as webinar tools come in all price ranges including free as is the case with AnyMeeting, formerly known as Freebinar. By being ad-supported, AnyMeeting can offer its services at no cost to users, making this an ideal product for small businesses that could benefit from hosting webinars, but may not have the budget for a paid-for tool.


BigBlueButton supports multiple audio and video sharing, presentations with extended whiteboard capabilities such as a pointer, zooming and drawing public and private chat, desktop sharing, integrated VoIP using freeSwitch, and support for presentation of PDF documents and Microsoft Office documents. Moreover, users may enter the conference in one of two roles: viewer or moderator.

Google+ Hangout:

Google Hangouts looks Great and is both fun and easy to use. As with your Google+ status updates, you can choose which groups of people you want to invite to your Google Hangouts session, making it easy to start video conference in seconds. Nearly anyone on any system or web browser can use Google Hangouts. It is incredibly intuitive so anyone can easily start using this video chatting service.

Spreed Meeting:

Spreed web meeting is available for free or in a variety of licensed packages. The web conferencing software is platform-independent and runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The moderator of the virtual meeting can grant an attendee moderator privileges at any time. These allow the respective attendee to import presentations and make use of the screen sharing feature. Spreed Meeting is useful for online presentations of imported documents or brainstorming meetings with whiteboards or mind maps.

If you need a little face time with friends and family that live far away, firing up a video chat has never been easier. These days you dont even need to install an app or download a heavy client—many services let you open a browser and within seconds see your friends face, no matter where they are in the world.With the following Free Web Conferencing Tools you will be able to share you screen, record your meetings, collaborate in real-time and much more. Popular services such as VoxOX, ooVoo, IMO and, of course, Skype all have this problem. Though they are in abundance, they’re only remotely useful if all parties are collectively using the same client.