SensiveGuard is a free tool that you can use to Track Network Traffic on your Windows PC and  monitor all data that is entering and leaving on your PC, to guardit against any security threats.


SensiveGuard is a free and handy tool from Bright Time Technologies that monitors all kinds of network activities on your computer. This tool can be configured in such a way that the obvious or useful services like Outlook Express or any other net BIOS activity can be made to pass through easily without user intervention. Even then it will keep a log of all the activities. We can also provide access to certain programs or files without repeated intervention.

SensiveGuard can actually protect your machine from different malwares, spywares and viruses whenever these malicious programs try to read or delete the programs and data in the absence of user initiation by mouse or keyboard. SensiveGuard can recognize the instances during which access to the Net is initiated, either by the user or some program(users initiate the access through keyboard or mouse). So by installing this small utility (1.08 MB when installed)we can have peace of mind while browsing the Net.

Steps To Follow:

1. Install SensiveGuard and reboot.This initial screen shows you network security & file security status.The ‘Stop policies’ button lets you turn off blocking temporarily.

2. A warning pop-up will alert you when a process accesses the network on TCP/UDP ports without permission, as by default such activity is not permitted by SensiveGuard.

3. Security settings box lets you optimize the network traffic. You can check/uncheck the box to allow or deny access.

4.Sensitive Guard keeps a complete log of all the net activities going on including all-important information you need.