Complete Guide To Install TWRP

If you want to Root your droid or install a new custom ROM, then a recovery project is definitely a must. There are many recovery projects outside, but TWRP is considered one of the best and the most stable out there. So lets get started without any further ado.

Every phone ships with a stock recovery platform which offers very limited usage capabilities. Hence flashing a third party recovery software is an important step as well. It has to kept in mind that flashing a custom recovery will erase and overwrite the stock recovery that is provided by the phone manufacturer.

Pre-requisites :

1. USB drives for your respective devices must be installed. If not installed, then you can get it from the links below :

2. Download the latest version of TWRP for your specific device  here .

3. A unlocked device. This is a must as the device must be unlocked to make any changes in its system whatsoever.

4. ADB drivers. No need to install the whole android SDK. just the ADB drivers will do the trick. It can be obtained here.

5. Install the Adb drives and you are good to go.

6. Keep the adb drivers setup and twrp file in the same folder inorder to avoid any confusions.


Use the underlying steps to successfully flash it :


  •  To enable usb debugging feature, the developer mode should be unlocked. It can be done by tapping the build number 7 times. The build number can be found under : Settings -> About phone -> build number. Now the developer option will be enabled in the settings menu.
  • In the Developers menu, enable the usb Debugging option.


Now we have to enter the bootloader in-order to flash the twrp.

  • First switch off your device.
  • Entering into the bootloader might be different for different devices. The most common method is holding Power and Volume Down button for almost 10 sec. The bootloader will be different foBest 5 photo collage maker for window 8.1| iOS pcr different devices.


  • Now you must open a command window in your desktop/laptop inorder to flash it. In windows 7/8/8.1/10, you can enter the command prompt by pressing down the shift button and right clicking the folder where you have downloaded the twrp file.
  •  Now type in the Following command  fastboot devices 
  • The command should return some serial number or values. If it returns, then you are all set.
  • Rename the downloaded image file as twrp.img for ease of use.
  • next type in the following command :                                                           fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • Now the process should be completed and should see the cmd prompt like :


Now after flashing the image file, you can enter the bootloader by pressing volume down and then volume up button. ( beware : not simultaneously, first press vol down and then vol up)

Now the twrp should load successfully.

In the opening screen, there will be a option as to keep it in read only mode. In this mode, the twrp will only be installed temporarily. After you reboot, the twrp will disappear and you will have to reinstall it again by  following the above steps. It will be unconventional for some. hence use the swipe to allow modification to install it on a permanent basis.

Now you are finally set to use the twrp to fulfill your requirements. You can perform various functions like :

  1. perform backup of the ROM and restore the Backedup files.
  2. Flash new ROMS
  3. Wipe your data

Lastly, if TWRP ever asks if you want to root your phone, choose “Do Not Install”. It’s best to flash the latest version of SuperSU yourself rather than having TWRP do it for you.

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