The Easiest Way To Get Adsense Account Approved in First Attempt

Google Adsense is the worlds largest advertisement program provided by the Google Inc ,it was started by Google in 2003 to benefit website owners and publishers . It is a program to facilitate people to earn profit from their websites or blogs that they run, it has become regular business of many people specially in countries like India . Due to the increase in number of adsense account holders, it has made certain criteria on which it gives approval to the people . People thinks getting adsense account approved is a big deal and also they feels its difficult.

adsense account approved

how to get adsense account approved

Just to help you people we are sharing The Easiest Way To Get Adsense Account Approved in First Attempt .By following these steps you will surely get your account approved , after that your feel how much easy and simple it was . Adsense is program in which website owners use to register and get it approved after certain review process done by the bots . It takes 3-4 days for complete process after which you will be able to publish advertisement on your blog .

How does Adsense approval is carried out ?

Approval takes place in two steps , Step 1 is partial approval in which  when a person submit the signup application form, google used to crawl your website and evaluate it that whether it full fills terms and conditions , after that they send you reply mail .After getting partial approval you will be able to login in your adsense account from your gmail id through which you applied for the approval .

Now what you have to do is to create an Ad unit and paste it in your website , once you do the you will able to see blank ad at your site . After that Google bots crawl your website and analyse on the basis of its traffic and quality of the content, it will take 3-4 days or may be a week to get reply from Google . If you get complete approval then will you will be able to publish add on your website and make money on the basis of cost per click .

The Easiest Way To Get Adsense Account Approved in First Attempt

Now time to share The Easiest Way To Get Adsense Account Approved in First Attempt which mainly includes requirement that are being asked in your website by the google for the approval of your adsense application . Before applying you need to certain things in your site or in other words you have to work according to these points that are given below –

  1. Top Domain – You should have top domain for your site or blog which means you need to buy a custom domain for your site , we recommend to get .com as it is considered as a best and a Top level domain .
  2. Create Important Pages Whenever you start or launch your site or blog first thing you have to do is to create Important pages like About Us ,Contact Us and Privacy Policy . In these you have to write about your website .
  3. Webmasters Tools To show your links in various search in engines you have to submit link of your site to them by              registering on their Webmasters tools . Mostly all of the search engines have their own tools to facilitate their user or tell them about their sites health and other issues .
  4. Google Analytics – After doing above thing you have to register your site at Analytic which a Googles product , it helps you to know how many page views you are getting at your site and also some details of it .
  5. Write Unique Content– It is the most important thing for any blogger , You need to write some quality as well as some unique content for your website  . Always try to generate content on your own by writing your views regarding any topic or issue .
  6. Search Engine optimization After writing content you need to SEO (Search Engine optimization) of your article which includes on page and off page seo .
  7. Inter linking – Always try to inter link your old and relevant post with your current post , it will help you to boost up your page views and traffic . Also this will help you to optimize your blog easily .

How to apply For Adsense Account

To apply for the above , things that you need are given below, if you have these then you can go for application form

  1. Active Google Account – You need to have an active google account after this only you can apply. If dont have gmail account then you need to sign up for it .
  2. Valid Age You should be of or above 18 years which a valid age to fill application form . if you not of this you need to wait for few more years or months.
  3. Valid Postal Address one should have a valid post address , f you are not have then you will get rejected . It should in a standard format
    • House Number
    • Street name or number
    • City / Town
    • State / Area
    • Zip Code
    • Country
  4. Ownership – You need to have ownership of  website on which you want to display adds. You need to provide complete personal details that are being asked .

Conclusion of The Easiest Way To Get Adsense Account Approved in First Attempt

Getting adsense account is an easy task if you follow the above instructions , once you do above changes at your then we are 90% sure that you will get your application approved . If you did not it in first attempt dont worry you can apply again after waiting for few more days.

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