Top 10 Best Internet Browsers For Windows PC

The term Internet Browsers is not new i think you all must be very much familiar to this jargon as all of us access internet for various purposes like for using social networking sites , gathering information regarding any topic and many more . Some people are doubt regarding Internet Browsers or web browsers that why too many browsers are available in the market and how they are different from each other.

Today we ae going to clear all of doubt and misconceptions regarding browsers along with that we are providing you the List of Top 10 Best Internet Browsers For Windows PC . Some non techie people dont have appropriate knowledge about these things that which browser they should use on their Windows running computers . They simply use pre installed web browsers that are provided by the company which knowing how they are working is it doing well for them or not .

What are the Internet Browsers ?

Web Browsers or commonly called Internet  Browser are the software applications which are use to presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web (WWW) or Internet.Also they can be use to access information provided by the web servers or search engines . In other words they provide a the kind of platform on which you can serf internet or do what ever you want on it .

First Internet Browser was invented in 1990 which was called as WWW but later its name Changed to Nexus ,First web browser with GUI was Erwise . It was a kind of revolution in the field internet which made Internet very common among people and transfer of information became easy . After these too many companies came forward to develop Best Internet Browsers for the easy and fast access of Internet .

Best Internet Browsers

Top 10 Best Internet Browsers for Windows PC

How To Select Best Internet Browsers For Windows PC ?

Number of Internet users are increasing day by day due to globalization and awareness about technology . Near about most of the people uses internet browsers to access Internet but very less or we an say only few people use give consideration to the browsers they are using.We are trying to help you to get aware about these thing and also telling you How To Select Best Internet Browsers For Windows PC . These are selected or chosen on the basis for various things which are given below-

  • Loading Speed
  • Design or User Interface
  • Security
  • Features
  • compatibility with OS

List of Top 10 Best Internet Browsers For Windows PC

Google Chrome

This is a Google s product which is it self a internet giant , it was launched in September 2008 .Just after getting launched it became very popular among software applications , these are free of cost and also available for mobile phones . Best thing about Google Chrome is it very much secure as well as compatible with most of the Operation systems . Im giving it my first preference in terms of Best Internet Browsers For Windows PC .

Mozilla  Firefox

This is the second most usable browser in the world , it is available for all the Operation systems like Windows , Mac , Linux . After being launch in November 2004 Firefox got very popular , it has many versions and also they are keep on getting updated with time . Thing which makes it different from others is users can add  useful features  by using add-ons and it is known for secure browsing with fast speed as per their needs . If you are using Windows 8 OS on your PC then i will highly recommend you to use this one .


This is developed and released world wide by Apple Inc in 2004 mainly to benefit their mac running PC and other IOS users.It has many attractive features like Enhanced Keyboard Navigation, Html  Support and  Smart Address Field with a very good user interface . Now a days this is available for Windows running PC too , it works very well on Windows 7 and 8 .

4 Internet Explorer 10

IE was introduced by the micro soft in the year 1995 , it was the first widely wised browser not only for commercial but for personal use also. Some peoples are having misconceptions regarding  Internet Explorer , let me tell you that latest version of IE series that is IE 10 is the awesome and gives attractive GUI (graphical user interface) which looks very much similar to windows 8 interface .


It is well known name in the market , it came into existence in 1994 which was just a starting phase when bowers were getting developed by the various IT companies .As per latest information Opera is having more than 400 million active users around the world which is huge number of users . It has many mobile versions which are developed by the Opera itself and are known as Opera mini .

There are some more web Browsers which are compatible with Windows PC like Maxthon , Rockmelt , SeaMonkey , DeepNet Explorer and Avant Browser which are also included in the List of Top 10 Best Internet Browsers For Windows PC .

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