Top 5 Best Remote access free Applications for Windows and Mac OS

Top 5 Best Remote access free Applications for Windows and Mac OS – Today we are going to provide you the information regarding Remote Access Applications for Windows and Mac OS . These Remote Desktop  applications are very much useful in our day today life , specially when when you are not with you computer systems. This works by connecting your system with your near or any other persons computer via internet.

One of the best thing is some of the applications are available for free of cost which means their is no need to pay them . Also some of them are not totally free but you can use their demo versions to check whether they are much beneficial for you or not . After that only if want to continue them then you can pay for their full subscription .

Remote access application

Top 5 Best Remote Access Application

Uses of Remote Desktop Access Application or Software

First of all let me tell you some of the uses or advantages of these Remote Access or Remote Desktop Apps which are given below in the form of points-

You can help any one When their is a need or if your friend or any one else get struck at any step while operating OS. Even after telling him steps he is unable to implement then , then that time you can help him by using these apps through Remote Access.
This can be a good medium to work or operate your computer system or you office desktop , than in condition you can logg in to your office computer by using this Remote Desktop Access software.
You must be thinking is it a secure medium to operate or any system or will it take care of my privacy , well my answer is absolutely yes. These applications ask some user id and pin for the verification without it you will not be able to access this on your Windows or Mac OS.
Other details regarding Top 5 Best Remote access free Applications for Windows and Mac OS are given below .

Top 5 Best Remote access free Applications for Windows and Mac OS

  • Team Viewer Remote Desktop Access App This is the one of my best tool or Remote Desktop software to use to access any computer system from any where. What you need is to install this software on your Windows PC and it should be on other side too then log in by using id and password which will appear on screen while opening this application. This application or software is available for both Windows and Mac OS
  • LoggMeIn Join me -This is a free service for remote desktop screen sharing.By using this amazing software you can access any computer system from any where.In there there is a very nice facility of file sharing and remote printing which is only possible by connected through internet.Also these applications are available for ipad also means you can easily connect to your mac OS system through Ipad.
  • Remote Desktop This is an application from microsoft store , it as available for free at windows store, from where you can get it and install in our windows OS running PC.This has an user friendly interface , this provides a facility of seeing your last 5 Remote access connection,it is only for Windows OS
  • PC Monitor-This is the another software which is available at microsoft store just like remote desktop.This is free if the user uses it for non commercial or personal use .It can provide you another pc information like memory usage, and other details about the system.
  • Splash top 2-last but not the least- This Remote Access software can be use at any operating system like windows , Mac , Android and some others .In order to use this application you need to get it from internet after completing installation procedure you can use it , but for full access other system should also have this .

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