Why sign in to Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is not only fast and efficient but also bundled with useful features. I personally have four different internet browsers on my work PC but Chrome is always my primary choice. While Chrome is bundled with features that you can basically find on other browsers, the Sign-In feature is what makes it topnotch among the rest.

So why you need to sign to your Google Chrome? At my home office, I have bunch of bookmarks that I cannot live without. There are also times that work has be carried somewhere else. And because I have lots of bookmarks, it’s going to cost me precious time to have them all copied to my netbook for me to be able to work away from home.

Thanks to Google Chrome’s Sign-In feature. This handy feature will let you sync all your bookmarks in a flash wherever you are. Regardless of which PC or laptop you’re going to use as long as Google Chrome is installed, just sign in  and you’re good to go. The best part, it will display/sync your bookmarks the way it looked on your primary PC.

How does this sign-in feature work? On your primary device, have all your bookmarks in place. Arranged them the way you want them settled on your Bookmark Bar and then follow these steps.

1. On the upper right corner of your browser, click on the wrench and then select Settings

2. Under Sign In, click on the Sign In button

3. Enter your Google account and then click the sync button to sync everything.

3. Finally to test things out, just sign in to other device using the same account used to sync your bookmarks. Wait and see. Everything will be loaded up.

But there’s more. Click on the Advanced section and you’ll see the following Sync options.

Shivani Vel

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